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working since 2007 to combine mathematics and business

In 2007, Optit was created as a spinoff of Operations Research of the University of Bologna, to create a meeting point between mathematics and the business of creating more efficient decision-making processes.  In 2013 we became an accredited spinoff of the university.
Today, we are one of the leading companies in Italy for the development of Decision Support Systems, forecasting methodologies and solutions, data analysis, and simulation and optimisation of complex systems.
Every day, we develop integrated business support projects in the form of solutions and software services, consulting, and knowledge transfer using a mix of scientific resources (IT and advisory).
We are innovation enablers for companies, working in close contact with them to intelligently manage work flows and processes.

The company’s Board; from left to right:
Claudio Caremi – COO – Chief Operating Officer
Daniele Vigo – Founder e OR specialist
Fabio Lombardi – CIO – Chief Information Officer
Matteo Pozzi – CEO – Chief Executive Officer

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