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Optimal decisions in complex contexts: the tools of Operations Research and Data Science

To get started on the road to Smart Automation, one should pass from science of data (interpreted and enhanced) to the science of decision-making: this challenging step is necessary to be able to work on improving performance. Operations Research, Machine Learning,  and Artificial Intelligence are equal to this challenge, supporting optimal decisions in complex contexts with quantitative methods and algorithmic tools.
Optit works in these sectors to bring its clients models and optimisation algorithms, simulations, forecasting, data mining, and business intelligence, tailored to each client’s specific requirements and objectives. The tools used, whether in strategic decision-making processes or as models to be incorporated into all practical and informative aspects of the client, are an integral part of the bid.

Optit solutions

  • Customised algorithms and models
  • Re-engineering of pre-existing models
  • Model-based consulting
Conflict solution of rail traffic in real time

ALSTOM, a world leader in the rail sector, turned to the world of research to update its Traffic Management System with new paradigms in order to gain a competitive advantage. Optit, together with the University of Bologna, accepted the challenge…

Customer allocation and revision of the distribution network

With a widespread presence over the entire nation, the client company (which markets LPG) chose Optit to streamline its distribution network.

A leading brand for the sale of LPG

Supply chain optimisation: finding the Solution that reduces costs and improves services

The client, an Italian fashion retailer at the global level, asked Optit to make its supply chain processes more efficient. In particular, the goal was to minimise…

World leader in Retail Fashion

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