Danfoss and Optit join forces to accelerate the development of district heating in Italy

The agreement brings Leanheat Network to the market, an innovative digital solution for real-time monitoring and optimization of networks, enabling savings, cost and emissions reduction, thanks to constant monitoring of AI operation and functionality.

In Italy district heating only covers 3% of thermal demand, but this share could potentially grow up to 10% in the near future. Thanks to the development of new technical solutions, it is possible to facilitate this development which meets the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal.

With a new strategic partnership, Danfoss and OPTIT are now a point of reference in digitalization and decision support for district heating companies. The Leanheat product suite features end-to-end software and services for the control and optimization of district heating systems.

In particular:


Improve and manage system operation. It is a highly reliable connected solution for efficient and convenient management of the district heating network.


Design, visualize and optimize the operation of an eco-sustainable network. It is a thermo-hydraulic modeling tool developed specifically for district heating, in order to support its planning, design and operation, including modeling and real-time optimization of the network.

“This agreement, which follows a long history of collaboration with Danfoss in the development of innovative concepts in the digitalization of district heating, allows us to expand the portfolio of solutions available to the sector with state-of-the-art applications to support the ‘operation, from real-time simulation to optimization of network temperatures, accelerating the transition to more efficient systems, the integration of new energy mixes and the progressive decarbonisation of the sector ”.

Matteo Pozzi, Chief Executive Officer Optit, Vice-Chair DHC +, Knowledge & Innovation Hub, EuroHeat & Power.

Contact point: Matteo Pozzi, matteo.pozzi@optit.net