Development of the urban district heating network of Milan


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Development of the urban district heating network of Milan

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Among the principal national operators in the sector of urban district heating, operating in Brescia, Bergamo, and Milan, the company asked Optit to optimise the system of the Lombardy capital. Objective: to identify the most promising reservoirs for expanding the network in densely populated areas which are traversed by a six-km interconnection of two formerly separate systems. Doing so would lead to an increase in the heating capacity of the most efficient units of production and allow the possibility of increasing the installed base.

Maximising the Net Present Value

Matteo Pozzi,


Starting from a previously engineered solution intended to facilitate decision-making processes regarding the optimised development of district heating/cooling networks, Optit perfected and customised it. The SaaS application (open source GIS software) has the useful feature of allowing the addition of pipes, equipment, and other users to the network, which can be defined down to every single physical, technical, and economic detail. The software can thus generate projected growth scenarios while respecting all the thermohydraulic characteristics (modelled on standards consistent with the principal commercial solutions) and maximising the Net Present Value. The solution implemented by Optit permits even non-technical personnel to efficiently assess a large number of optimised development scenarios, allowing the company to quickly saturate the available capacity and maximise the return on investment.

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