Optit is a member of the Industrial User Group of the TANDEM project

The TANDEM EU Project ( Acronym for: Small Modular ReacTor for a European sAfe aNd Decarbonised Energy Mix)  aims to develop methodologies and tools to facilitate the safe and efficient integration of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) into smart low-carbon hybrid energy systems.

The integration of nuclear reactors, particularly SMRs, into hybrid energy systems is a new Research & Development topic that will be tackled by the TANDEM project.  Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) can be integrated into hybrid energy systems to work in tandem with other energy sources, storage systems, and energy conversion applications to provide not only electricity, but also heat and hydrogen.

SMRs have the potential to strongly contribute towards decarbonisation of the entire energy system, thus helping Europe to achieve climate-neutrality in Europe and the Sustainable Development Goals (particularly SDG 7, access to energy for all) by 2050.

Optit has been called to participate in the Industrial User Group (IUG), that kicked-off today, the group of industrial partners who collaborate in verifying the solutions identified by the project. We are very happy to have the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of hybrid energy systems in this innovative sector. We trust that our long-standing experience in optimizing energy systems, as well as the active participation in various European projects in the energy field such as PlaMES and Upgrade DH, will allow us to give our contribution to the project.

You can find further information in the TANDEM (https://tandemproject.eu/) website

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