Where the Future of Decision Science takes shape, we are there

The eighth AIROYoung Workshop is currently underway at the University of Calabria, hosted by the young professionals’ section of AIRO. Talented young researchers in Operational Research from Italy are engaging in discussions on ‘Emerging technologies for decision support systems and innovative optimization paradigms,’ guided by some of the most distinguished figures in the field.
As has been the case for several years, Optit is proud to sponsor the event, with active participation from some of our emerging talents.

On February 20, we will be participating in the online meeting of the EURO Practitioners’ Forum, the European community of operational research practitioners, where we aim to delve deeper into the increasingly close connections between traditional models and the realm of Artificial Intelligence. This is fortified by the experience we are gaining through the TUPLES project, while simultaneously preparing for the EURO Conference, scheduled this year in Copenhagen. The conference promises a rich program in the stream dedicated to the practical application of OR, titled ‘Make an Impact.’

We will also be participating in and sponsoring the 2024 edition of the International Conference on Optimization and Decision Science (ODS), organized by AIRO in September in Sardinia. This year’s theme, ‘Operational Research: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice,’ holds particular significance for us.

Sixteen years since our inception as a spin-off of UNIBO, we continue to be fascinated and committed to supporting, participating in, and promoting opportunities for growth and collaboration with colleagues, partners, and even competitors. Our goal is to foster the Decision Science industry, contributing to the development of increasingly ambitious methods, applications, and solutions to enhance the operational, environmental, and social performance impacts of our client companies.

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