Optit presents PlaMES at the event organized by AGFW

AGFW, the German association for district heating, promotes a series of online events dedicated to the study of technical topics to its members. The last of these events “Software and tools for district heating applications #09” takes place online on February 10 and will see the participation of Matteo Pozzi, CEO of Optit, who will present the PlaMES Decision Support System.

The online event series “Digitalisation in district heating – Software and tools for district heating applications” offers a format in which solutions providers and companies interested in these type of services can obtain information quickly and accurately. At each event, up to three speakers present their software and tools, providing insights into the latest developments.

PlaMES is a Decision Support Tool (DSS) that generates optimal scenarios of future energy systems at national and regional level, finding the optimal balance between the development of renewable energy sources installation/dispatching and investments on transmission/distribution infrastructures, aiming to reducing emissions and minimizing overall system costs. PlaMES is a tool designed to manage a large amount of data to evaluate scenarios in a complete way but at the same time has a simple interface, which does not require specific IT skills.

This tool fills a gap in the current market of decision support systems for the energy sector and is destined to become a reference for the strategic development of TSOs and DSOs, as well as for institutions and organizations aiming to develop the decarbonisation transition pathways towards 2040 and beyond. If you want to know how we can help you plames@optit.net

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