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Claudio Caremi gave a speech at the Decision Science Alliance conference “The future of Decision Making: Conscious Data Driven Decisions via AI and Math-Optimization”. His contribution was part of the panel on Manufacturing and real-time decisions. With the advent of advanced technologies and data-driven systems, companies now have the ability to monitor and analyze their operations in real time, enabling quick and informed decisions. By leveraging data and real-time analytics, you can optimize operations, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

The presentation by the COO of Optit, entitled “Math-Optimization for waste logistics and decarbonization“, addressed two crucial global challenges: waste management and decarbonization. Faced with growing concerns related to environmental sustainability and the urgent need for efficient waste disposal systems, the talk offered valuable insights into how mathematics and optimization techniques can shape business processes.

During his talk, Claudio argued that it is possible to design more efficient waste management systems that minimize transportation costs, improve resource allocation and ultimately contribute to a greener future.

The intervention followed the path that waste takes from collection to valorisation:

– waste collection services (fixed round and “on demand”)
– movement between plants
– the transformation into energy through the WTEs.

Optit’s waste logistics optimization solutions integrate quantitative methods into decision-making processes to address the most pressing environmental challenges. Sustainable waste management and the urgent need for decarbonisation will certainly herald future studies and practical applications in these critical areas.

Link to the presentation

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