Doing our part

The last week has been particularly inspiring for us in Optit!

After having followed the developments of  COP26, that requires all of us take more responsibility in contributing to the decarbonisation challenge (and we are proud to be in the position to say with


 confidence that Optit’s solutions in #energy #optimisation do have real impacts in this respect), 2 further events have added food for thought regarding our role in a wider perspective:

  • on 16th November the Euro working group on Practice of Operation Research/ Practitioners annual workshop took place, launching the transformation of the WG into a Forum.

The keynote speech opening the session showed the great examples of how OR helps achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, referring

 amongst other to the great job done by the World Food Programme to master food assistance amid emergency responses. Contributions from many participants to the event showed how the OR community is eager to be involved to build a better world, and we are happy to be part of it and put all efforts to really make a difference!

  • on a different note, we were happy to be present on 18th at the launch of  BimboTu’s initiative risoamica, whereby pediatric oncology patients have the opportunity to be trained to face magnetic resonance exams without the need for general anaesthetic. BimboTu was an NGO chosen, a few years ago, by Optit’s employees as beneficiary, and we could not see better use of our small contributions.

As we plan how to evolve and grow as a company and a team, this reminds us that we are called to greater objectives … frankly speaking, this does nothing but increase our energy and commitment to do our part!

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