RETROFEED sector solutions – Workshop Series

The RETROFEED project, of which Optit is a partner, is aimed at enabling the optimization of a feedstock that is increasingly variable, bio-based, and circular in energy-intensive process industries through the retrofitting of key equipment and the implementation of an advanced Decision Support System (DSS) integrated with a Digital Twin of the process.

The RETROFEED consortium, in collaboration with its partners, organized a series of workshops, each dedicated to a specific industrial process. The first workshop was focused on the steel sector, specifically the digitization of electric arc furnaces (EAFs).

The steel sector is still characterized by its high resource usage and energy intensity, which results in a noticeable environmental impact during the melting process. The first workshop in the series brought together experts from the demo sites, including representatives from PITTINI Group, Tenaris Silcotub, and OPTIT to describe the solutions implemented within RETROFEED to reduce the impact of the steel sector.

At this link you can review the session or download the presentation.

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