Optit at Ecomondo. AI for Environmental Services and the Contarina case

During Ecomondo, one of the most significant fairs dedicated to circular economy and sustainable development, Optit showcased the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the realm of environmental innovation with the event “Artificial Intelligence for the Innovation of Operational Processes and Sustainable Development. Contarina Case History.”

Claudio Caremi, Optit’s Partner, outlined the role of AI as a catalyst for innovation in operational processes. Detailed discussions on the impact of these technologies in the waste collection sector, particularly on-demand waste, were led by Alessandro Sandel, Operational Services Manager at Contarina, Daniele Massara, Information Systems Manager at Contarina, and Lorenzo Ravaglia, Optit’s Project Manager.

The Contarina case faithfully represents one of Optit’s main missions: to guide companies in adopting cutting-edge solutions integrated into operational processes. In this collaboration with Contarina, we aimed to harmonize the best technology with the company’s specific needs, enabling change and digital transformation.

The event at the Contarina booth garnered significant interest, despite the increasing technical complexity of the presentations. The audience, even standing, remained engaged until the end, a testament to genuine interest in the discussed topic.
Special thanks to Contarina’s Marketing and Communication team for seamlessly orchestrating the entire presentation.

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