Empowering sustainable building transformations: the first DigiBUILD technical workshop

The first technical workshop of DigiBUILD, a European project in which Optit is part of the Advisory Board, will be held on October 25th at 10am.
The DigiBUILD project, funded by the European Community, will develop digital services linked to buildings with the aim of obtaining a climate-neutral building stock.
DigiBUILD aims to create an open, interoperable, cloud-based tool to transform traditional buildings into digital, smarter buildings capable of exchanging consistent and reliable data. This information will help monitor energy performance, better plan building infrastructure maintenance, and much more. The Consortium will also support the implementation of a digital framework to host a digital building register.

AI-based services, which will be part of the project’s deliverables, will be designed to help consumers and investors during decision-making processes towards reducing energy consumption while ensuring comfort and well-being for occupants. The availability and accessibility of reliable and high-quality data aims to enable stakeholders to leverage reliable information to assess investment risk and increase confidence in implementing energy efficiency actions. DigiBUILD will also examine the potential benefits of integrating digital solutions at an energy district level to increase the energy performance of buildings, which is of particular interest to Optit in light of our experience in the District Energy field.

Optit’s participation in the Advisory Board is part of the initiatives that we carry out in various consortia and associations in order to learn about the most important news and trends in the markets in which we operate and encourage opportunities to contribute to Digital Innovation processes.
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