MATER 2023 – Waste Recover & Final Sinks for a Sustainable Ecological Transition conference

Claudio Caremi presented Optit’s experience in optimizing waste management operations, in particular the work done with Contarina, during the MATER Waste Recover & Final Sinks for a Sustainable Ecological Transition conference. This three-day event, held in Piacenza, is an important meeting focused on technologies and policies for the enhancement of waste management and their sustainability in the context of an ecological transition.

Organized by MATER (Materials and Sustainable Technologies Research Group) at the Politecnico di Milano, the conference provided a platform for researchers, industry experts and policy makers to discuss and exchange ideas on innovative approaches and solutions for waste recovery, recycling and creating final solutions for sustainable waste disposal. The aim of the conference was to facilitate dialogue and collaboration, promoting the development of strategies and technologies that foster a circular economy and contribute to a more sustainable future. By involving key stakeholders, the MATER conference has played a vital role in shaping the debate and actions needed to achieve an ecological transition through effective waste management practices.

Contarina is an important waste management company that operates in the Veneto region, a leader in its sector, positioning itself at the top of the European rankings in terms of separate waste collection. Using mathematical models and optimization algorithms, Optit has contributed to the digitization of the operations of “on demand” services.

This integration of technology and optimization techniques has enabled Contarina to enhance its waste management practices, contributing to the conservation of the environment and the efficient use of resources.

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