Logistics Optimization in a time of health emergency

Confindustria Romagna brings together companies and academics to look beyond the critical circumstance we are experiencing.

Tuesday, June 9 from 11.00 to 12.30 am business representatives and academics face this topic together during the webinar by Confindustria Romagna “Enterprise and Industrial Research: Optimization of logistics at the time of Covid-19”.

The health emergency has certainly forced companies to rethink both the internal organisation and the process management. In this framework, the collaboration between universities and entrepreneurship is the right key to develop the best strategy to implement innovative and effective solutions that allow our country to look beyond.

Claudio Caremi, COO – Chief Operating Officer of OPTIT with a strong experience in analytics and process innovation, addresses the issue of the optimisation of the factory logistics.

The COVID-19 has in fact made even more evident the importance of some aspects that are already a trend in the industrial world: flexibility and ability to adapt operations quickly to a changing demand, with increasingly compressed times to decide in increasingly difficult contexts.

Supporting decisions with data, and doing it quickly, has become a “must have” for companies that want to compete successfully; The integration of analytics and optimization models in business processes is now a reality in companies that have started digital transformation.

On these basis, during his speech Claudio Caremi will present some examples of how optimization (and analytics) can support the planning and management processes in the logistics and supply chain.

The event guests also Daniele Vigo Director of CIRI ICT, University of Bologna, and founder of Optit.

The webinar will be given in Italian.

Agenda and registration is online on the Confindustria Romagna website.

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