New York: Optit for Con Edison

Optit’s expertise in advanced energy analytics was selected by Con Edison (one of the largest utility in the United States) to analyze New York’s district energy and steam system.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we will analyze the daily flows to evaluate the operator’s short and long-term decisions planning.

The Project objective is to provide Con Edison with a state-of-the-art Decision Support System, integrating multiple inputs such as steam production, network structure, customer needs and policy constraints, helping Con Edison team in improving even more the system efficiency.

The New York project is part of a wider strategy towards the North American market. Optit has recently joined IDEA, the International District Energy Association, the oldest international organization on district heating and cooling with Matteo Pozzi present as speaker at the association’s annual congress held in Toronto. Optit CEO intervention will take place on 8 June at 11.15am  ET with focus on “Digitalization and Analytics for DHC Upgrade”.

These overseas experiences make us increasingly confident in our analytical approach and represent a great source of pride and enthusiasm for the future.

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