The Importance of an International Workforce in the IT Sector

Maria Francesca Colombo, our HR Manager, participated in the event organized by ART-ER, International Talents Emilia-Romagna, titled “Emilia-Romagna for international talents: From the it-ER program to the new regional law 2/2023,” held at the Golinelli Foundation.

The day delved into the theme of the circulation of international talents in the world of work, exploring the recent framework of European initiatives on the subject. New trends were presented, and the main challenges were addressed from the perspective of different local stakeholders.

Optit is a company that stands out for its global and inclusive perspective, with a diverse team bringing together professionals rooted in our local territory with individuals from all parts of Italy and various parts of the world. Many of them have gained significant international experience. We have always believed that this mix contributes to the professional growth of our company and its members and creates an interesting work environment for everyone.

In the dynamic and increasingly interconnected context of the IT industry, the inclusion of professionals from abroad or with significant international experiences is a fundamental element for the success and growth of a company for multiple reasons. Firstly, cultural diversity within the team brings a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and innovative approaches. Professionals with international backgrounds bring a wealth of experiences that can stimulate creativity and foster out-of-the-box solutions, essential in the dynamic world of Information Technology.

International experience also often entails the ability to adapt to new contexts, face challenges flexibly, and work effectively in multicultural teams.

Optit firmly believes that a diverse team, composed of individuals with different cultural backgrounds and work experiences, is essential to ensure excellence and competitiveness in the IT sector, as well as a stimulating work environment. Therefore, we will continue to facilitate diversity and multiculturalism within our organization.

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