Optit solutions for loading and packing

In Logistics, loading and packing problems are very complex but represent an opportunity to improve efficiency, revenues and service.

How do you maximize the load space when the type and characteristics of the vehicles vary? How do you optimize the pallets construction considering complex products form and packaging, overlapping characteristics, the loading sequence and the safety transport regulations? These are very difficult tasks, especially in an increasingly fast and competitive context.

To address these challenges, it is possible to use advanced decision-making tools, which use the power of mathematics and analytics, to quickly provide the answer to transport and logistics managers.

We have been developing solutions for this market for 13 years, we know that there are no generic solutions that are valid for everyone: each company has its own features, and also the global scenario is constantly changing, so even decision support systems must know how to adapt to the context.

Optit’s solutions are proprietary, extremely flexible and integrate perfectly with existing WMS, TMS and ERP (eg SAP) solutions.

In particular:

– Our solutions cover a wide range of business situations that require the introduction of “intelligence” in the process;

– our solutions can be verticalized and customized to create the solution that best suits the customer’s logistics processes (for example, particular constraints can be implemented).  We can create vertical systems to implement new constraints that the company must face;

– our solutions can be made available both as web applications that enable new processes, and as optimization services that work in the background to enhance existing systems;

The implementation of our systems does not only consist in the algorithmic components supply and their integration into the processes, but can also include features that enrich the production and business procedures, such as:

– visualization in 3D format (to provide information on “how to load the vehicles” and / or how to compose the pallets)

– acquisition of final data with a focus on continuous improvement – comparison with algorithmic processing to identify product master data problems, standardization problems of warehouse processes, etc …

Optit solutions today support numerous customers operating in various business sectors; some examples of the problems managed :

– calculation of the overall dimensions, or processing of the number of pallet spaces that will be occupied on the trucks by customer orders, taking into consideration the palletization rules, the possibility of overlapping, etc …;

– optimal loading of the goods on trucks or other type of “container” (container, air cargo, etc.)

– pre-processing for routing problems, where the transport concerns situations in which it is also necessary to identify “how” the goods can be loaded on the vehicles (eg non-palletized goods);

– Estimation of transport costs (number and type of vehicles) for a customer order, with the possibility of immediately returning information and / or suggestions to the Sales for the completion of loads already in the order phase;

To find out how we can optimize your services visit the logistics section or contact us. (info@optit.net)

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