Optit sponsors the Contract Logistics “Gino Marchet” Observatory

The logistics sector continues to grow but is facing even bigger challenges than usual: alongside the shortage of personnel and skills and the changes in the structure of the #supplychains that we already knew, there is now also a significant increase in costs.
New technologies, digitization and optimization are able to generate advantages and value, improving the quality of work. Effective and concrete opportunities but complex to understand and therefore not yet fully adopted by operators in the sector.

These topics and much more were discussed in Milan on the 16th of November at the “Gino Marchet” Contract Logistics Observatory, organized by the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic. The Contract Logistics “Gino Marchet” Observatory, is a vertical work team within Digital Innovation Observatories, that since 2011 analyses the third party logistics sector In Italy, with the support of a broad and highly specialized community and the collaboration of Assologistica.

This year, participating in and supporting the OCL seemed even more important and meaningful to us. On the one hand it was the first real edition after the pandemic years, on the other hand the topics covered were genuinely interesting and profound. The world of logistics has an authentic point of reference in #OCL. #logistics #logistics #suppychain #contractlogistics #innovation #analytics #optimization #optimization #businessanalytics #Optit #PolitecnicoDiMilano #OCL22


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