Towards the 4th generation of energy networks: online the new edition of the Digital roadmap for District heating and cooling

Towards the 4th generation of energy networks: online the new edition of the Digital roadmap for District heating and cooling

OPTIT solutions for optimising energy production and heating and cooling infrastructure.

Energy used for Heating and Cooling purposes represents approx. 50% of the overall energy consumption. This sector, like many others, is rapidly adopting digital tools to improve efficiency, optimize operations and increase energy systems reliability. Digitalization is playing an increasing strategic role in multiple aspects of our economies and it will be key in the energy sector to reach our environmental objectives and fight climate change.

For this reason, the technology platform DHC+, part of the Euroheat & Power association, developed the Digital Roadmap for District Heating and Cooling. OPTIT gave its contribution sharing years of experience in the digitalization of district energy systems, that you may access in the current second edition (Digital Roadmap District Heating-Cooling), where 2 real applications, developed by Optit, are shown as state-of-the-art example of digitalization.

First solution is the application of Optit’s energy production management solution for Gruppo HERA where the whole portfolio of energy plants linked to DH systems  is being optimised managing the integration of multiple technologies in the context of technical, economic and environmental constraints, for the maximization of the asset’s Operative Margin.

The second solution presented is the application of Optit’s digital solutions in the development of a district heating expansion in the city of Milan, adopted by A2A Calore e Servizi. The solution allowed in depth analysis of different expansion scenario and possible client connections mapping the entire district heating network of A2A in the area in order to find the best solution that could maximize the Net Present Value of the project considering thermal-hydraulic and economic constraints.

The digital roadmap is developed as guideline and reference for all the stakeholders in the energy industry that are looking for real and practical solutions for their digitalization strategy. This recognize the importance of digital tools in supporting decision and improving efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the entire district energy sector in order for it to play a growing and key role in the future of energy mix.

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