Optit tailored solution for cold chain logistic

The controlled temperature logistics sector (Cold-chain) amplifies the critical issues of transport management, as it is necessary, on the one hand, to continuously control the temperature of the products throughout the distribution process, from the storage phase to the packaging and shipping and on the other hand the separation of certain types of products (compatibility of goods). Efficient transport and storage operations are essential to ensure product quality, but costs can become unsustainable.

Brivio&Viganò is positioned among the most important Italian players in the sector of Distribution and Cold-chain Logistics of food products, offering turnkey solutions to maximize the efficiency of the Supply Chain of GDO Operators and the FMCG Industry.  A marked improvement in the competitiveness of freight transport through the optimization of logistics services is obtained by digitizing the entire distribution chain from the manufacturer to the final customer, therefore Brivio&Viganò asked Optit to develop an optimization solution capable of guaranteeing efficiency, reliability, flexibility in the management of the journeys of the own fleet and of subcontractors, considering variables such as the total quantities of goods transported and the drivers available on a daily basis.
Optit’s solution was developed in a “tailored” way on Brivio&Viganò processes through a cohesive and accurate teamwork combining the operational excellence of the transport and logistics company (Brivio & Viganò) with Optit’s methodological skills, optimization techniques and analytics.

Brivio & Viganò will use a customization of the OptiLogistics optimization and analytics platform, a decision support web solution that allows planning the entire transport cycle of complex logistics networks. Thanks to the use of models and methodologies (for example Forecasting and Artificial Intelligence), the company has faced and resolved the main critical issues in the sector:
• Optimal management of multi-temperature loads (management of bulkheads on vehicles to meet compatibility needs)
• Travel plan optimization (with particular attention to load configuration optimization management)
• Optimization of the available fleet (ownership and third parties)
• The driver/cargo affinity
• Management of withdrawals and backhauling
• Simulation of forecast volumes and sizing of the optimal fleet (costs-level of service).

The highly innovative solution developed by Optit for Brivio & Viganò represents an important step forward for the temperature-controlled logistics sector. More generally, Optit offers complete and highly customizable solutions to help companies improve the operational management of transport and their competitiveness.

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