The European Retrofeed Project kicks off

Optit partner of Retrofeed, the UE project for the decarbonisation of energy-intensive industrial sectors

November 2019 marks the official launch of RETROFEED, the European project coordinated by the Centre of Research for Energy Resources and consumption (Zaragoza, Spain), in which OPTIT participates together with a wide pan-European network.

Thanks to the integration of the Digital Twins technique with the opportunities offered by innovative sensory technologies, RETROFEED aims to develop tools and models to support the retrofitting of industrial plants with the objective of a progressive decarbonisation of energy-intensive sectors, such as ceramic, aluminium, steel, cement and agrochemical industries.

This action will significantly increase the energy efficiency and the range of raw materials that can be used in the process, including waste and/or by-products obtained within the plant, organic matter and biofuels.

To this end, Optit will develop the IT tool to support decision makers (DSS – Decision Support System), within the framework of the definition of actions to modernize industrial plants.

Once the interventions are carried out in the field, the project will also focus on the design and implementation of a complex system of monitoring and control of the plant.

The ultimate goal of RETROFEED is to increase resource efficiency by 22% and energy efficiency by 19%, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


More information: Retrofeed Kick Off.

Retrofeed is a project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the grant agreement No. 869939.

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