Matteo Pozzi at IrDEA 2023: paving the way for the future of district heating in Ireland

The 2023 conference of the Irish District Energy Association (IrDEA) saw the participation of Matteo Pozzi, CEO of Optit and Vice Chair of the DHC+ platform of Euroheat & Power, as chair and panelist of session 3, in which the most recent and significant European experiences in district heating. The conference took place at the Camden Court Hotel in Dublin.

European countries, despite their notable differences, are at the forefront of exploiting the potential of district heating to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. Matteo Pozzi contributed to the panel drawing on both his extensive experience at Optit, which has been developing cutting-edge solutions for the energy sector for over a decade, and his role as Vice Chair at DHC+, the European hub under the umbrella of Euroheat & Power dedicated to promoting research and innovation in district heating. DHC+ recently produced a white paper on the role of digitalisation in supporting the improvement of the design and performance of district heating systems.

The hope of the conference is to support the development of district heating, which has a key role in reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, in light of the important ambitions that Ireland has set itself as objectives for reducing carbon emissions carbon and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Conference program

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