Towards the decarbonization of small islands: Optit’s new entry Sofia Pavanello at ECOS 2021

There are many small islands in the world that do not have a proper connection to the main grids.

Pannelli solari
Solar panels: a particularly suitable technology for Lampedusa, as less visually impactful.

This results in low energy efficiency and high environmental impact, a condition that is not sustainable anymore.

The disadvantages are also economic: the cost of acquiring energy sources is in fact definitely higher than in the mainland. A possible solution of replacing traditional plants with renewable ones is not that easy due to the intrinsic nature of these sources, uncontrollable and variable over time. This is particularly problematic for small grids like the ones of islands.

Sofia Pavanello, new entry as energy consultant in Energy Team of Optit, has developed a model on this topic during her thesis at ENEA, studying the impacts of innovative electricity production systems to reach the decarbonization in the island of Lampedusa island.

The output of Sofia’s research is the article “Analysis of the impact of the diffusion of innovative technologies distributed for electricity generation on small island”, selected to be presented at the 34th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems – ECOS 2021.

The purpose of ECOS is to present new research results and exchange views on theoretical and applied engineering topics related to performance, economics, and environmental impact of energy conversion systems.

Good food for thought to support the decarbonization agenda!

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