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In Europe, heating and cooling accounts for half of all energy consumption and around 40% of GHG emissions. Only 15% of this heat is generated from renewable energy. If we want to meet the EU’s Climate goals, we must adopt alternative solutions for the energy transition…and quickly!

One solution already exists and it’s called District Heating and Cooling (DHC). 

District heating contributes to climate change mitigation allowing for increased use of clean energy sources like renewable energy, waste heat, biomass and more. The system is designed close to urban settlements to reach very high efficiency levels, typically using locally-available heat sources. This reduces the overall need for energy from fossil fuels in individual heating technologies, resulting in reduced GHG emissions.

The generated heat is then distributed as hot water to nearby residential and commercial buildings, via a series of insulated pipes running below our cities. The return pipe leaving the building transports the cooler water back to the generation plant, closing the typical network loop.

At Optit we believe in district heating actively participating in its development as partner of the H2020 DHC+ project leveraging our advanced tools to evaluate, optimize and enhance existing DHC networks around Europe.

However, to become the main heating solution of Europe, district heating needs investment from national governments and above all support from local citizens.

That’s why it is important that you also become a #DHCitizen!

Find out more about the District heating and cooling (DHC) downloading District Heating and Cooling. A modern solution to traditional challenges and watching “Decarbonising DHC For Our Cities” , then educate other people in your community about district heating and talk to your local politician.

Everyone’s contribution is crucial to achieving a greener future: there is no sustainable heat without District Heating and Cooling!

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